Technical Co-Founder (m/f) [FLUICS]

At the Biophysics department of the Technical University of Munich we develop a compact, mobile and fully automated liquid handling platform for biomedical research and diagnostics.

With our innovative microfluidic-based technology we are preparing a university spin-off and aim at becoming an integral part of the smart biological laboratory of the future.

Currently, in the pre-seed phase, we are funded by a European Union grant (ERC Proof-of-concept grant) and have applied for additional governmental financial support to further secure our development activities and expand our team.

We are looking for a new member to expand our founder’s team and accelerate our product development and on-site testing of our prototype.

Are you a physicist or engineer with a broad background and enthusiasm for developing, programming, tinkering, as well as talking to potential customers and shaping a sustainable business development?

Do you want to join an international team with an interdisciplinary background in biophysics, microfluidics, programming microsystems technology?

Are you creative and eager to explore innovative solutions in life sciences?

Do you want to push new technologies to their limits and find the right market for them?

Are you interested in digging deep into the development of liquid handling, pressure control, electronics – all for the development of applications in the life-sciences and biomedical research?

If so, then go ahead and post a message to contact@fluics.com with your CV attached! Please indicate where you found our job ad. 

Your FLUICS team.

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Ansprechpartner: Herr Dr. Claudio Rolli
James-Franck-Str. 1
85748 Garching
E-Mail: contact@fluics.com

Homepage: http://fluics.com
E-Mail: rolli@fluics.com