Product Manager (m/w) [Cobrainer GmbH]

Life and work at Cobrainer
At Cobrainer, we envision a fast and intuitive way for people and organizations to find and connect with relevant expertise needed to drive their ideas and projects. To make this a reality, our engineers develop software that analyzes large public and private data sets in order to extract expertise information and display it in a clean and intuitive way to the every day user. Our product brings together methods and concepts such as data mining, machine learning, natural language processing, distributed computing, API design, and user interface design.

Your responsibilities
We are seeking a product manager leading the design, development, and scaling of our state-of-the-art software product. As a key addition to our engineering team, you will orchestrate data engineers, software engineers, ui engineers, and api engineers while simultaneously clustering diverse customer requirements. This includes:
Providing the strategic direction and developing a roadmap for product design and architecture
Planning and managing implementation plans, managing deadlines and product releases
Working face to face with customers and engineers to deliver BOMs, PRDs, and highest-quality release cycles
Creating and driving a culture of acquiring metrics by translating customer needs, user behavior analytics, A/B testing and user research into structured feature packages and product backlogs

Startdatum: 02.05.2016

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Cobrainer GmbH

Ansprechpartner: Frau Amelie Schlachter
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