Community Manager for Mindspace in Munich! (m/w) [Mindspace Germany GmbH]

Who we are?

MINDSPACE is a rapidly growing global provider of beautiful and inspiring workspaces for teams of all sizes: entrepreneurs, freelancers, growing startups, designers, service providers and more.


We are hiring Community Manager (m/f) in Munich!

You want to join our team? We’re looking for someone who is smiles-all-around and energetic – someone who knows how to work hard without compromising on the play hard. MINDSPACE is looking for Community Manager (m/f) to join our growing family.

This full time positions is based in Munich and requires that you have strong communication skills and a passion for tech. As a Community Manager you will be responsible for building and maintaining our strong and unique community. It is integral that you are proactive and a peoples-person. You will basically be the heart and soul of our diverse community. Therefore it is important that you stay quick on your feet and be attuned to people’s needs.

The main responsibilities of a community manager at MINDSPACE include (but are not limited to): 

  • Creating an all-around-amazing customer journey experience for MINDSPACE members
  • Being the “Point of Contact” for your community members and solving all member-related issues
  • Establishing a strong community in your location via event planning and individual networking efforts
  • Creating an inclusive environment that fosters collaboration and creativity — both internally and externally
  • Ensuring the smooth-running operations of your location
  • Maintaining ongoing communication with operation and maintenance teams (respectively) in order to ensure that processes are running smoothly
  • Taking an active role in growing and nurturing the MINDSPACE community

Experience & Minimum Qualifications:

  • Four-year college degree – a must
  • Demonstrated customer service and sales experience
  • High level of English – a must!
  • Strong verbal and written communication skills
  • Experience in marketing, writing or managing social media – an advantage

Critical Competencies for Success:

  • It’s all about the people! Working as a Community Manager means always being attuned to people’s needs and being customer-centric. Can you keep up?
  • Getting the job denies critical, at all costs. You should be a practical and creative fast-thinker who is constantly on his feet and aware that others are counting on you!
  • Multi-tasking should be a breeze for you
  • You must be an efficient communicator who is fearless when it comes to speaking up and making your voice heard – even in front of those who are superior to you
  • You should be able to translate trends into actionable ways that anticipate customer and market needs
  • Be familiar with the startup-ecosystem and up-to-date on daily happenings in your city
  • Excited about MINDSPACE; are you ready to live, eat and breathe Mindspace and to spreadthe love to everyone you encounter?

Please submit your CV for Munich to:

* Mindspace is an equal opportunity employer

Startdatum: 15.12.2017

Mindspace Germany GmbH

Ansprechpartner: Frau Janina Kreis
Wittestraße 30, Haus F
13509 Berlin