Bachelor-/Masterthesis Optics (m/w) [Blickfeld GmbH]

Your Topic:

LiDAR systems measure distances by stopping the time a laser pulse needs to travel from the sensor to an object and back. By conducting more than 1 Million distance measurements per second, a 3D point cloud of the surrounding of the sensor can be created in real time. Blickfeld used Silicon Photomultipliers(SiPMs) for the detection of these laser pulses. SiPMs are optical detectors with an extremely high sensitivity for blue wavelengths and are used for counting single
photons in particle physics and medical applications. With your help, Blickfeld wants to use a new type of SiPM with enhanced sensitivity at 905 nm to increase the range of the LiDAR system.

Blickfeld is a Munich-based startup company founded in 2017 with the vision to provide autonomous systems the eyes to see the world: We develop revolutionary scanning LiDAR systems and detection software for environment perception. Our unique solution enables countless scenarios like autonomous transportation, mapping, robotics, and smart and safe cities.


Extend the range of the Blickfeld detector module

Understand the electrical and optical properties of next generation Silicon Photomultipliers (SiPMs)

Design and build a measurement setup to measure the photon detection efficiency (PDE), crosstalk probability


You are pursuing a Bachelor or Master degree in Physics, Electrical Engineering, Optics or similar

Blickfeld GmbH

Ansprechpartner: Herr Florian Lenz
Barthstr. 12, Blickfeld GmbH
80339 München